We have every reason to protect the wealth that we have in our possession and one of the best ways to ensure that we do it effectively is by installing the best surveillance system on the market. Not all surveillance systems may fit into our mainstream security needs but the variety is so huge you are sure to find one that will address them. You can install them in your small shop, large business complex or your very own office and of course your very own house. CCTV surveillance cameras are at the top rung of security systems and you should be familiar with their features.

  • Wired surveillance system – these traditional systems offer you one of the best options with its affordability and efficient performance. They may require the drilling of several holes during the installing process but the upside is that it’s within the budget range of most home owners. They also display some very attractive features including:
    • Once wired to the house walls, the arranged wiring will offer an uninterrupted and efficient protection.
    • The wiring system is close to being maintenance free.
    • Cameras that can be installed indoors or outdoors
    • Energy efficient during the whole time the system is operating

It’s true that the more antiquated wired surveillance system need to have their tapes changed, the more modern DVR versions are able to digitally capture all viewed images. All captured images and activities can be viewed online. This of course means that you are still in control of your home security even if you are not physically present in you domain.

  • Wireless surveillance system – this less cumbersome system has gained widespread acceptance among all other residential surveillance systems due to its unmatched efficiency in providing home security. However, despite the fact that they are easier to install and are very attractive they do have flaws. It has been noted that they may not operate as well as the conventional wired version for several reasons:
    • Various types of interferences long distances can nullify the effectiveness of the system’s transmitting capabilities.
    • Wireless equipment can sometimes be incapable of capturing and transmitting video images.
    • Due to the absence of a wiring connection, a separate power source for individual cameras is essential which is normally provided with the system after purchase.
    • They need to be installed by a professional system installer to rectify problems connected with obstructions and low signal reception.
  • Self-contained surveillance system – these systems are the targets of home owners who wish to focus only on a specific room in the house or who need surveillance only for specific situations. These systems are highly attractive for the needs of the elderly occupants of homes and are appealing to many home owners for their selective use. Their other attraction is they can be in the form of a clock, stuffed animal, lamp, tote bag and the like.