The successful installation of a CCTV surveillance system in your house will not only monitor and fight against burglar activities. In fact, you can monitor any activity that goes on in and around your home at any one time provided you have cameras in the relevant locations and have the right type of system has been put in place. You can watch your friends in the kitchen as they do the cooking or wash dishes, the child swooning away in one of the rooms, kids playing in another, people on your patio, older children at the pool frolicking in the water under the sun and other activities going on at the same time.

Placing the central monitor and viewing gadgets

At Serious Security, we can place the monitor anywhere in your house, wherever you think it will give you needed leverage for what you have in mind. The most popular venues are the master bedroom or the living room bearing in mind that these two venues can interchange whenever required. You can move the monitor to your master bedroom at night and move it back into another convenient spot during the day for maximum effect. You can even choose to have an additional monitoring system installed in your master bedroom but of course this is optional.

Safety for your children

The welfare of children in the home is a top priority for us at Serious Security in Sydney and our CCTV system are specially geared to protect these young loved ones. Our systems can be configured to satisfy a myriad of situations and providing cameras in every bedroom is one of them. This is particularly possible with our wireless camera devices that can be operated automatically from the control panel and multi-monitoring windows. At a glance, you can visually see where your children are and what they are up to.

Visual awareness of everything else

Sometimes your pets can be a headache by disrupting the interior of the house with their dashes to and fro or their scratching antiques on the carpet or furniture. At other times you will have more children in the house to control and keep track of their activities that only a centralized monitoring control connected to your CCTV security system can be the only solution and it doesn’t stop there. The swimming room may be overflowing with friends and their children you just can’t cope on your own. You definitely need our CCTV security system to deal with all your responsibilities as host.

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