8MP Acusense / 4 Cameras Package: $3640 Fully Installed Incl GST

Hikvision Acusense Technology. Surveillance, Siren & Audio Warning to Detect & Scare Intruders. 24 Months Parts & Labour Warranty.

Package Snapshot:

4 x 8 megapixel Hikvision Acusense vandalproof night & day Camera  (up to 30m I/R) with SPEAKER & STROBE

1 X 8CH ACUSENSE Hikvision NVR, 80Mbps Input , 8 Independent PoE Ports, 2 SATA Interfaces

1 x 3TB WD AV hard disk drive

1 x 22’ LED monitor

Remote viewing iPhone, internet, Android phone

Custom configuration of siren, strobe and audio warning. You can assign times to activate the audio warning and strobe light. Most customers schedule the warnings to detect intruders lurking during the night only.

Additional 250 for double storey homes (as they are more difficult to wire)

Additional cameras – 550 per cam

Hikvision has developed Acusense cameras.

The deep AcuSense learning algorithm helps clients to increase the security of its facilities and assets with an efficient detection of persons and vehicles, to react to any threat or incident in real time, at the time that significantly reduce false alarms and associated personnel costs.

Acusense cameras can also have built in Strobe lights and Audio warnings to deter intruders.

Hikvision AcuSense works despite the natural movements, as rain or leaves, activating alerts only when a camera or NVR Server detects people or vehicles. With functions of automatic alarm light and sound on some models, AcuSense cameras also detect potential intruders before a security breach to occur.

Hikvision AcuSense Technology classifies objects into three categories – human, vehicle, and other. The False Alarm Reduction can reduce up to 90% of the false alarm events while the Quick Target Search feature saves time by identifying footage of people or vehicles automatically, preventing staff from having to search through footage manually.

Another feature is the quick search of object, to quickly find images in the safety equipment in the event that an incident occurs, with the consequent saving of time regarding the manual search in video recording.