Having a security system installed for your business is a must and this must always be considered and included in the planning phase in starting a business. Given that you will get a security system to protect your business, the following are what you need to know before doing so.

  1. Business Security System is an Investment and Asset

For big businesses and small businesses alike, having a security system is an asset for your business.

  • For small businesses a CCTV camera can help you identify thieves in case of a robbery, a small alarm button can save you from criminals, and having a pin code protected room can shield you from danger if such event happens.
  • For big businesses, the security system is like part of your business already. It’s like a robotic employee helping you micro-manage all of your employees, protect the most valuable things or data, and recording offenders within your building.

These are just some of the benefits a security system can offer and there are a whole lot more. So change your perspective about having a security system from an expense into an asset.

  1. Beware of Human Behavior

A business security system offers a lot more than just the security from criminals. The following are the possible effects of having a security system to your employees

  • Most of the time, employees will feel safe because they know that they are protected within your office/ building and as the employer it is your duty to offer them security.
  • There are times where-in an employee may feel invaded due to bad placing of the cameras. Always make sure that these cameras are not located in places where in employees can enjoy their peace and alone time, one of which would of course be the comfort rooms.
  • To maximize the surveillance cameras, you could learn a lot by watching how your employees act during the day. Someone had a bad day or performed bad recently? Check the logs to see if he/she is having a dispute with one of his/her colleagues. As a good leader you must always mediate such events to make sure that everyone is performing at full capacity.
  • Your employees would never slack off during office hours as they know that they will have no excuse if they were caught on camera, so it’s safe to say that you can expect a boost in overall performance.



  1. Importance of an Alarm System

Always make sure that these devices are scattered throughout your building and can be heard anywhere within it. Also make sure that it functions all the time because you never know what may happen. The alarm system will save countless lives just in case an emergency did happen.

  1. Choose Your Installer Carefully

Now that you have learned most of the basic aspects of having a security system, the next step would be to not mess up the installation process. For business security systems it is always recommended to have a professional installer do it because there is no room for errors. Make sure that you carefully study the company that you will choose. Always consider the company background as it says a lot about them. We do recommend Serious Security as they do not mess around, with a solid track record and equipped with the newest technology this guys will always get the job done.

  1. Benefits of Having a Security System Installed
  • Aside from preventing theft, shoplifting (in specific industries), and preventing unlawful entry, a security system will also qualify you for a cheaper insurance premium. Most insurance companies consider a security system an extra layer of protection thus offering you discounts for taking such measures.
  • Disputes will also be settled quickly as employees and customers alike are less likely to lie about their experiences within your property because they know that all of their actions were recorded by the cameras.