The most likely situation that will prevail in connection with the setting up of an IP security camera system in your home is that you’d know nothing about setting it up on a DIY approach. In any case that’s exactly what we’ve found at Serious in Sydney. People are so busy doing what they must do they’ve left the issue of selecting, configuring and installing security systems in the hands of the expert providers like us. Even so, as expert installers of security systems we still caution our customers on various issues.

Legal implications when installing an IP camera

Once you have selected the site for installing your cameras, it would be wise to consider whether any legal issues will arise from the choice. Normally it’s reasonable for a user to point the camera outward towards any nearby street as this would be a public area and no legal issues will arise. Nevertheless, pointing the camera in such a way that it also takes in part of a neighbour’s yard or the interior part of the house may result in legal issues. It would be wiser not to get involved in legal wrangles with your neighbour.

Cameras installed indoors or outdoors?

Choosing to install your IP cameras outdoors or any other security type camera for that matter is bound to result is some complications. One of the main problems for an outdoor security system would be its isolation from the power source which is normally placed indoors. This means that your reliance would be on a Wi-Fi rather than by cable connection. Some customers opt for the installation of an outdoor IP security camera for their homes and the extra effort needed may pay off. However, we have and still do advise our clients that an indoor system is far easier to install.

Monitoring and footage are handy to have

The perfect camera surveillance system is one that monitors everything that’s happening at your home. With an IP system, this can be done on many devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or iPod. Another plus for the system is its ability to take recorded footage for immediate or later use. For concrete evidence on what took place, the camera feed can simply be recorded and reviewed at a later time. But it’s never a question of having one type of security option without the other as both security methods are normally used together.

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