We’ve been providing Sydney businesses such as Century21, Laura Ashley and Wiseberry with simple, straightforward and high-quality security systems for many years and our experienced and licenced engineers know the industry inside and out. We’ve seen many different technologies over the years and we choose to provide the very best in reliability and ease of use for our valued customers.

If you’re considering a CCTV system for your business, it’s because you want to eliminate the unknown. If something is happening inside or around the perimeter of your business, you want to know exactly who is involved, and when. Not only do we provide high-definition recording, all our systems come with remote access systems so that you can use any mobile device to check your CCTV camera feed in real time.

Eyes on the business, everywhere

You can view the CCTV feed using the monitor in your office, which will allow you to keep an eye on any issues you may be concerned about within your workplace (all the highest standards of privacy respected, of course). That will also give you that peace of mind you need when you are working late in the office or in your store and you feel uneasy about being alone. You’ll then also have the chance once you leave the office to keep an eye on things using our remote access system which you can access on your laptop, iPhone or Android device. Be there – without having to be there!

Straightforward to use and install

Provided your premises is single-storey and you have suspended ceilings, that’s as technical as you need to get in terms of your specifications. The size of your office, shop front or warehouse will dictate how many cameras you need as part of your CCTV package (most people need either 4 or 8 but you can have additional cameras as an extra). You can opt, provided you have the necessary network bandwidth, to choose a higher-definition product. That’s your choice as well as whether you require additional storage capability within the hard disk drive we provide – a must if you have a business requirement to keep video files on record for a long period of time.

If your requirements are fairly standard, and most businesses are, then you can expect to wait only a matter of 1-2 weeks for your installation to be complete. We assure you of the quality of our work and will keep disruption to a minimum as we work to provide the best protection for your business.