Different types of cameras

The cameras of a CCTV system are assembled in different configurations. The number of cameras required would normally conform to the size of the premise and the incidence of suspect weak spots in your building. The CCTV system can include wired and wireless cameras with the wireless cameras having the extra benefit of long range capabilities for outdoor monitoring. To protect against the weather, there are waterproof cameras as well as long range cameras for taking video images over long distances such as from the house to the fence. For your part, you need to pick the right type of cameras.

Different recording capabilities

Our CCTV surveillance systems also feature a host of very different recording capabilities. We have systems that can directly record data to a VCR while others can perform the same feat by using digital media, believe to be better. The benefit of recording direct to a standalone VCR or one embedded inside a computer has the merit of keeping data safe and intact for later referencing. Separate copies can also be made and stored separately in different digital mediums also for later use. Another benefit of the CCTV security system is that flash players, DVDS and hard drives can be connected and used within the system.

The CCTV monitoring capabilities

One very important feature of the CCTV security system is its propensity in being able to monitor what is actually taking place. The system actually takes video images of all the action that is happening in real time. It not only takes clear images but is also able to store the images in a hard disc so that any follow up of action can be replayed at a moment’s notice. The monitors displaying the images can display different colours. Their screens can be white or black or fully coloured and of high resolution. Again, your task would be to select the best monitoring screen for your security issue.

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