Who Will Win the Security Contest?

The race is definitely on between business owners and the notorious activities of shoplifters and thieves. The latter groups are bent on taking away untold riches from the former groups that are teaming up with security providers like Serious Security to combat this very real menace. Only time will tell which group will emerge victorious from the intense melee. We are so serious about the contest at Serious Security that we’ve armed ourselves with the latest and most efficient security devices and gadgets. The latest addition to our security arsenal is our CCTV surveillance system.

Thoughts on a new business start up

When you are starting up a new business, the first reality you come across is that you are now the owner of a business premise that houses immense value and wealth. This is the wealth that you hope will generate more wealth for you in the future. It is an extremely valuable asset and one that can easily suffer at the hands of thieves. You need to protect it and the best way to do so is to enlist the assistance of a security provider that is totally familiar with everything related to security. For complete security Serious Security can install the most effective security system yet devised – the CCTV surveillance system.

Different configured systems available

No retail business or business premise are the same and the needs of owners are varied to say the least. To accommodate these different categories of preferences, needs and wants, our experts have come up with an ingenious plan of configuring as many CCTV security systems possible that can provide the perfect solution for each security issue. As new security issues arise, other configured systems are conjured up to add to the existing security solutions. At Serious Solutions we are completely serious about providing the best solutions to your security problems.

The extra eyes and ears for you

At Serious Security, we often refer to our CCTV surveillance system as being the extra eyes and ears of the business owner. Actually, we view our CCTV system as being more that as it can record and store video images and can replay them at a later date. Any given set of cameras can take live video images night or day and channel the information to a recording device where it is kept on hold until needed. The captured action and image can be used for follow up action by police in conducting their investigations into the security breach.

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