The most obvious advantage of an efficient alarm system is the security of your retail business. It will significantly reduce the incidence of shoplifting and will certainly curtail the activities of burglars in your store. At Serious Security we know that if you are proactive about making your business a secure and safe place to shop, customers will keep coming back and may well lead others to purchase items in your store. To have a safe and secure store is a must and we can help you achieve this goal.

Peace of mind

Even a small retail business will occupy the mind of its owner the moment it is set up and operating and customers make their first purchases. You worry about whether or not the customers will come; you worry about whether or not your merchandise will live up to their branding; you will wonder whether the prices are right and whether your goods are in good condition. Most of all you will worry about the security of your retail business against the activities of shoplifters and thieves. We can alleviate these concerns by selecting and installing the perfect alarm/CCTV system for you store.

Security without your presence

The alarm system that we select, configure and install for your retail business will enable you store to operate in complete security every day and night. We will install just the right type of sensors and devices in your retail shop it will function in total safety and efficiency as if your were present all the while. Furthermore, we can even connect them to your mobile phone so that even when you are many miles from your shop, you can still view how your store is faring during any time of the day and night. Our expertise seeks only to give you complete satisfaction even during your absence.

Enhancement of resale value

At Serious Security, our motto has consistently been to provide total security to businesses so they can offer a fantastic service to customers and that the owner will benefit from the profits that the business generates. Improving and consolidating the security of your retail store also has other hidden qualities. A secure and popular store can become the target of bargain hunters looking for perfectly located and secure shops to buy. You may decline any offers now but there may come a time when you want to relocate and you can sell your at an enhanced price.

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