You spend all day there, and at night your mind is probably still sitting there behind your desk or wandering around the manufacturing area. But really, you want to be able to switch off from work when you head home, and you want to leave the office safe and sound.

You might have an old system that hasn’t worked properly for years, one you inherited when you moved into the building. Does that allow you to leave the building at night without looking back? Maybe you’ve just stocked up your brand-new store with purchases curated from around the world. You need that extra level of security that a quality alarm from Serious Security provides for you and your assets.

Quality, fit and reassurance at a great price

Whatever size your business premises, be it a large multi-office space or a store in a shopping district, we can provide you with the Bosch alarm system to protect all entry points to your building and provide peace of mind. As long as your business is in the Sydney Metro area we can provide an alarm to suit your needs. Our licensed and experienced fitters will work with you on a package that suits your requirements exactly – with no nasty hidden costs.

Our alarm systems will sound for 10 minutes when triggered, at a very loud 100+ decibels as set out in state law. After that it will stop, but will sound again when triggered again. If you don’t have security staff onsite, it’s probably best to use the option to connect a phone line. That way, you can add up to 3 phone lines that will receive a warning call once the alarm goes off. Most businesses that we supply go for that option.

We do have the option to provide an SMS alert upon alarm trigger, or to send an iPhone ping. Make sure you consider carefully what will work best within your business processes, and weigh up the value of the extra spend against the additional reassurance and security this will provide.

Choose a package and book in today

We can usually install within a 1-2 week timeframe, or more urgently if required and we will keep disruption to a minimum.

All of our products are ISO 9001 Certified, backed with a minimum 24 months manufacturer’s warranty.  Call us now (we’re here every day, 9-9) or get a custom quote today using our website enquiry form.