Aside from your house where you reside in comfort with you loved ones, the next most important asset you own is your business store or shop. Metaphorically speaking, your business premise can be likened to your hen that lays the golden eggs for everyone in the family. It is your life blood; it is the place where a constant flow of income and sustenance begin and end in on a continuous basis. At Serious Security we hold a very serious view of business premises and we strive in making them secure and safe for their owners and customers alike.

Size makes little difference

Being security experts with many configured systems at our disposal, we are prepared for any kind of security issues that present themselves. There are so many security gadgets now available on the market it sometimes becomes very difficult to choose the right kind of alarm system for your business. But don’t worry because Serious Security, with its down to earth and serious approach can provide you with the ideal solution. Whether your business is a s big as a supermarket, a small deli, a medium sized shop in a shopping mall or even a café. We have just the right security alarm system for you.

The components you really need

You don’t have to trouble yourself identifying, selecting or installing the ideal alarm system for your business all by yourself. Let us assist you handle a problem we are the best at doing. We will assist you in identifying the appropriate type of sensors that will neither falter nor become dysfunctional when they are needed most. We will select the best monitoring system that will be ideally suited to your sensors. In the event that the alarm unexpectedly malfunctions, we will select the best switch box that will let you turn the system on and off at the flick of your finger.

That expert installation touch

You need to watch our professionals go to work on your alarm system throughout the inside of your business store. You will see them take stock of the entire situation at a glance and point to the weak points existing in your store. Locations you never thought were weak points but you need to believe they are right every time! In no time, the inside of your shop will be studded with sensors you’d think they were added decorations to your ceiling. Some will be more visible than others, but all will have one purpose – to stifle burglar activity.

Contact us

The best thing to do is contact us now on (02) 8734 3250 for a free quote and see how the inside of your shop unfolds into a wonderland of sensors that provide security for all your precious assets.