Businesses vary in size and wealth and as such will require different types of security alarm systems. At Serious Security our business is providing state of the art, top quality security systems for many businesses and homes and the feedback that we get is more than gratifying. We supply security systems on the basis of size and location. The bigger a business premise, the more sophisticated and more customized the security systems become. We are experts at conjuring up different types of system packages that can address specific needs.

Sophisticated surveillance and alarm system combination

In exceptionally modern and large office buildings, there is a clear need for an assortment of alarm systems that will suit certain areas as to size and sensitivity. We can provide and install both sophisticated monitoring systems inside large open areas of a building like surveillance cameras in combination with the latest alarm systems. The security systems will scan the large open areas including the entry points with the alarm systems installed at both the main entrance door at the front and exit doors at the back if needed. We can provide and install these systems

Some constraining factors

More than ever before, the introduction of office surveillance and alarm systems, have caused certain problems regarding the vulnerability of staff privacy from the use of these systems especially the surveillance system. At Serious Security we take this situation very seriously and try to counteract it by practical solutions. High surveillance systems are usually concentrated where valuable and exclusive information such as documents and computerized data are concentrated. Very light security is allotted to places like the washroom where more privacy is the norm. We can do both.

Other priority areas and systems

Many large stores become targets for burglars and many enlist the assistance of security guards to help patrol the interior area of the business. Sometimes the combined efforts of security guards and security systems often fail to capture a culprit escaping from the building. The next obvious step is to prevent the escape of thieves from the building through a “lock-out” mechanism where a single controlling device will shut down all doors while security personnel scan the building for the culprits. We can develop any security system that will foil the escapades of the most ardent criminal.

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