Different Business Types

The name we have adopted for our company conveys the kind of determined approach we have to the matter of business security. This is because business is important to families, communities and peoples as a whole. It is also their life line and any disruption will mean the short circuiting of supplies and the stifling of the all-important exchange link. Sustained burglary can do irreparable damage on a local scale but even small scale damage can harm lots of people. For this reason, Serious Security is always prepared to combat burglary at all business levels.

The best retail business alarm system

The most effective alarm system for any business is an inter-connecting system that allows for the installation of differently functioning types of sensors that can ultimately be all connected to a mobile phone for activating and deactivating the system whenever needed and for viewing the state affairs of the shop at any given time. At Serious Security in Sydney we are extremely well versed in selecting the ideal sensors that can be effectively used in medium sized retail businesses. Our expertise also enables us to install them in the most effective locations for maximum effect.

A myriad of sensors with different functions

Our skills are so honed we can identify and install as many as over 10 different types of sensors and gadgets that can function in different ways for your retail business to monitor noise levels, temperature, entry and exit, smoke detectors automatic sprinklers and many other types of sensors and gadgets. A medium sized retail business stores a lot of valuable wet and dry goods as well as soft and alcoholic beverages for trading purposes. Any one of the commodities can become a target for shop lifters and burglars dressed as paying customers. However the real security problem is at night time when no one is inside the retail store and we are up to the task.

You can be at home or overseas

The most amazing thing about security alarm systems is they can be positioned inside your retail business and they can effectively look after the store while you are having dinner at home or enjoying a vacation abroad. Still to come is direct connection to the internet that can transform security systems into truly cross border monitoring systems which you can use wherever you are and whenever you want to see what is happening to your retail business several hours or even a whole day ahead or behind your local time. However, for now, it’s a direct connection to your mobile phone.

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