When it comes to security, risk – balancing what you need to spend with what you need to protect – affects businesses of all sizes. New venture or established family business; extensive premises or small commercial unit – whatever business you’re running, you want to know that everything and everyone inside is secure. Perhaps you’ve had an alarm in your building for years and want to upgrade to the latest and greatest system, or maybe you’ve just moved to new premises and want to set your business up right. We cover the best-protected businesses in the Sydney Metro area and we know how to tailor our Bosch alarm systems to your business needs.

Investment is a challenge – you need to trust that you’re not taking any risks and making a mistake. Our licensed and experienced fitters will work with you on a package that suits your requirements exactly and balances value-for-money with excellent user experience.

A package that works for you, with no hidden costs

We have a selection of popular packages for you to choose from, based on the size and layout of your building which will determine how many zones you require. You can customize those packages to suit your business circumstances – give us a call and we will help you decide.

The decision over what you want to happen when your alarm is triggered is something to consider. As standard with our Bosch alarms, the alarm will ring at over 100 decibels for 10 minutes, as per state restrictions. However, many businesses choose to add a phone connection option, where up to three phone lines can be activated whenever the alarm is triggered. If you need to, you can choose an SMS or iPhone ping alert. You can build whichever option you choose into your business emergency response process as you see fit.

Taxes and installation is all included in our package cost, and we make it clear what we charge for any extras. No unpleasant surprises here.

Quality as standard

All of our products are ISO 9001 Certified, backed with a minimum 24 months manufacturer’s warranty.  We can support you when you need to update your backup battery after 5 years, and if you need additional support, we can build that in.

Call us now (we’re here every day, 9-9) or get a custom quote today using our website enquiry form. We will do our very best to meet all your needs.