Bosch 6000 with a different control board and keypad.

Bosch 6000 with a different control board and keypad.

This Australian-made Bosch Solution 6000 is the new top of the line Bosch alarm panel. We think it’s a beautifullly resolved and feature packed alarm panel that is extremely user and installer friendly.


Choice of black or white keypads

This security alarm system can include up to 144 zones, has multiple keypad and reader options, including external readers, external keypads, and even a biometric fingerprint reader. The Bosch Solution 6000 system supports an extensive range of reporting formats.

We hard-wire these systems with Bosch premium Blueline Quad PIRs which are fully protected from dust and small bugs – a common cause of false alarms.

Download Bosch Solution (6000)144 data sheet (PDF)

Download Bosch Solution 6000 (144) commercial brochure for business security (PDF)

Alarm Pack 4 – Fully Installed from 1150 (for single storey homes)

Bosch Solution 6000 Alarm panel with tamper switch
3 x Bosch Blue line Hardwired movement detectors (PIRs)
1 x External “Classic” style or “Slimline” siren with blue strobe
1x Internal siren (piezo)
Power pack & backup battery
Bosch 6000 LCD Keypad
Cables & connectors
36 Months WARRANTY on all parts